It is a wonderful feeling to reach you through this website which will provide useful information about Academic facilities, assets of the school and outstanding performances of our brilliant students throughout the year.

            The school is inspired by the perseverance of its founder Director Shri Krishna Vir Singh Ji, retired commandant from Military Farms School and Research Centre.

            True education includes the training of the intellect, refinement of the heart, and discipline of the spirit keeping this in view Brilliant Public Senior Secondary School Aligarh strives for providing rich learning experiences to ensure holistic development of the students. The past laurels serve as fountain of motivation to tread on the road of perfection. I am proud of my students for their undeterred action and brilliant performance in academics specially the class X and XII Board Result, co- curricular activities, Literary Activities, Art Activities and sports. I also urge them to snatch and enjoy every moment in constructive and creative pursuits.

            Teacher is the pivot of any education system the performance of students is definitely an indicator of the serious efforts made by the teachers, in the modern era of knowledge explosion, it becomes necessary to absorb the demands of the changing society at national and global levels.

            Parents may inculcate “SANSKAR” among their blooming buds so that they are encouraged, motivated and enriched to spread their radiance in the modern world. Nothing can be achieved unless parents and school work in tandem with each other.

            Let us put together all our resources to make our young children good human beings and responsible citizens of India.

Shyam Kuntail